Joe Grant brings his obsession for Pan-Asian cuisine combined with a skill for creating clever modern dishes to Issho.

From 1999 to 2010, Joe worked in cities such as Manchester, London and the Isles of Scilly to perfect his craft as a master of seafood.

In 2010, Joe was part of the opening team along with the large brigade of chefs at Australasia, Manchester. Cooking high end Pan-Asian food and using modern cooking techniques is where his love affair with Japanese cooking began.

Moving on from Australasia, Joe went on to open Cottonopolis in 2015 where he had full creative freedom. The only brief he was given was to create Japanese food in an industrial bar and restaurant environment. Putting together an Izakaya style Japanese menu, this showcased the best of British produce alongside specialist Japanese food imports. Joe has been successful in creating Japanese brunch offerings and immersive dining experiences such as the Secret Supper. He has gained inspiration from teaming up with visual architects to create highly themed and unusual events and menus. During this time, Joe taught at Cheshire Cookery School to educate chefs in private lessons as well as home cooks specialising in Japanese and Asian food.

Joe’s passion is in creating a full dining concept, influenced by constantly pushing boundaries and delivering modern, innovative dishes. His style of cooking offers vegan, gluten and dairy free options, demonstrating his wide expertise within this cuisine. At Issho Joe has introduced an Izakaya feel to the menu, including Japanese casual bar food featuring sushi, sashimi, robata, ramen and dessert elements.