Recipe: Wagyu Tsukune


Wagyu Tsukune



Wagyu mince x 500g

Banana shallot x 2

Panko bread crumbs x 50 g

Eggs x2

Mirin x 50ml

Soy x 40ml

Mirin x 200ml

Sake x 200ml

Soy x 200ml

Ginger x 50g

Onion x 100g

Mooli x 50g

Chicken bones x 100g


  1. Roast the chicken bones until golden and infuse the with the 200ml of sake mirin & soy
  2. Add the onion, ginger and mooli and cook for 1 hour, pass through a fine sieve & set aside
  3. Finley dice the shallot and add to the wagyu mince, season, then whip in a mixer
  4. Leave the mix to rest in the fridge
  5. Separate the yolks and cure in the remaining soy and mirin
  6. Shape the mix onto a skewer and grill over charcoal
  7. Glaze the tsukune and return to the grill repeat until cooked
  8. Serve as shown